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   Season 2004 - We are entering the new year full of changes - Hradec Králové
Roman Seidl - Technical manager of the team, e-mail: seidl@matejovsky.cz Hana Mitrovská - Manager of the team and a member of the Board of Československý Motorsport a.s., e-mail: mitrovska@matejovsky.cz Radek Doležal, Jaroslav Jiřík and Josef Dvořák Josef Dvořák Josef Říha Zdeněk Bartoš Zdeněk Bartoš Preparation of Tatra for the new season

   Season 2003 - Acknowledgement at the Ministry - Prague
Adam Lacko with Dr Petra Buzkova, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Mr Vaclav Picl (Deputy Minister) at a discussion with Adam Lacko Mr Jiri Razl (Director of the Section of Physical Education and Sports), Mr Vaclav Picl (Deputy Minister) and Adam Lacko Adam Lacko with Dr Petra Buzkova (Minister of Education, Youth and Sports)

   Season 2003 - The team's meeting with children - Hradec Kralove
Briefing to the very race Racing models before the start In the course of the afternoon with competitions The best four competitors

   Season 2003 - Press conference of the Tatra Team
Adam Lacko and Karel Loprais Michal Matejovsky and Karel Loprais Good luck! Adam Lacko and Karel Loprais

   Season 2003 - Essen MOTORSHOW - Germany
The autographing event The autographing event At the Sandtler Company's stand Sandtler - Sandtler Company's 2004 catalogue

   Season 2003 - Meeting with VCE - Hradec Kralove
The airport in Hradec Kralove The guests took interest in racing cars and trucks The Octavia racing car Mr Michael Schmid in the cockpit of a pick-up racing car

   Season 2003 - Team Days - Most
Hana Mitrovska and the guests from Germany Adam in the V8STAR racing car cockpit Altfrid Heger and Adam Lacko The dinner at the Hnevin castle Adam Lacko with Karel Loprais during the briefing V8STAR racing car Stanislav Matejovsky with the winner of the Autocar magazine competition, Mr Petr Novak Stanislav Matejovsky and the winners of the Impuls radio station competition, Mr Petr Kail and Mr Petr Beck

   Season 2003 - Le Mans - France
The grid Sadness after the race with lack of success Inspection of the truck before the start of the race M.A.N. company's expert is carrying out a running check Adam Lacko at the grid Gerd Körber, Jana Prihodova and Adam Lacko Amicable discussion Adam Lacko with models Jovanah Kolocova and Jana Prihodova

   Season 2003 - VCE - Hradec Kralove
Mr Libor Kicmer, managing director and vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of VCE, a.s. Press conference of VCE, a.s. Racing cars at the airport in Hradec Kralove Mr František Sucha, general director and chairman of the Board of Directors of VCE, a.s. Mr Michael Schmid, commercial director of VCE, a.s. Sarka Berankova, press secretary of VCE, a.s. Mr Lubomir Stepan, financial director of VCE, a.s. There is nothing like a good meal!

   Season 2003 - Day with Czech Telecom for the second time - Most
Accompanying programme for children In the racing cockpit Mr Karel Loprais and Adam Lacko TATRA JAMAL EVO IV

   Season 2003 - A day with Czech Telecom - Brno
The guests from Czech Telecom Reception of the guests from Czech Telecom Michal Matejovsky with his little fans Mixed feelings after the drive For the time being, I will try the sitting comfort Adam at a discussion with the general manager of Czech Telecom, Mr Berdard Mr Gabriel Berdard, general manager of Czech Telecom, at the racing Tatra Presentation of Czech Telecom in the V.I.P. tent Mr Juraj Sedivy in the depot Lots of those interested in a drive In the racing cockpit The future racing driver?

   Season 2003 - AGROTEC PRIMA EPILOG - Brno
Before the start of the six-hour race The grid The racing car with its crew, Mr Rada, Mr Horacek, and Mr Nykodym Adam's Octavia before the start What are we going to do about it? (82 teams started.) Mr Stanislav Matejovsky at an interview with TV Prima Excitement before the finish of the six-hour race

   Season 2003 - Jarama - Spain
Shortly after the start Contest for the second position Adam chased by the field The race at full throttle

   Season 2003 - MODE SHOW - Hradec Kralove
Jana Prihodova, Vladimir Cech, Andrea Vranova, Monika Zidkova Demonstration of a wedding sample collection Hand-over of the cheque to the Novorozenec (the new born) Endowment Fund Closing parade

   Season 2003 - 5th Autosalon - Usti nad Orlici
Exhibition space Also veteran cars could be seen The motorcycle fans enjoyed themselves as well T54 army tank's demonstration run

   Season 2003 - V8STAR - Zandvoort - Nederland
Adam was welcomed with a drive with one of the V8STAR racing car professional drivers V8STAR racing car Adam, curious before setting off to the circuit Last adjustments before setting out

   Season 2003 - Sokolov
Even here a racing vehicle was exhibited and hence a lot of people had opportunity of seeing it Adam talked about his experiences from circuits Famous Adam Lacko did not know who give his poster to Even the team helped with giving autographs

   Season 2003 - CP Skoda Octavia Cup - Brno
Before departing to the start Council of mechanics Prima Team and their guests Starting grate Interview with the winner The last advice given by the mechanics Starting grate

   Season 2003 - Czech Truck Fest 2003 - Hradec Kralove
Even before the start of Truck Fest the attention of visitors was attracted by the racing Tatra in the supermarket Hypernova in Hradec Kralove Preparation of the area for exhibition Technical  manager of the team  Roman Seidl answering the questions asked by guests of Truck Fest in Hradcec Kralove Vehicles of the Super Race Truck category exhibited on the airport area

   Season 2003 - Zolder - Belgium
Mr Lacko led the competition in the main race for a long time Arrival at the home straight Winner's Rostrum Mr Markus Oestreich and Mr Adam Lacko shortly after the announcement of the winners

   Season 2003 - The teaching hospital - Hradec Kralove
Ms Jana Prihodova and Mr Adam Lacko during their visit of the intensive care unit of the infantile ward of the teaching hospital in Hradec Kralove With associate professor Z. Kokstein and the parents of one of the treated children The patients were very interested in the displayed racing truck Autographing for the patients of the paediatrics ward of the teaching hospital in Hradec Kralove

   Season 2003 - PRAGUE PRIX 2003 - Prague
Mr Stanislav Matejovsky behind the wheel of the Tatra racing truck again at Letenska plan Mr Stanislav Matejovsky with the Tatra racing truck at Letenska plan Tatra Prima Team's stand at Letenska plan in Prague Mr Tomas Vavrinec and Mr Stanislav Matejovsky Autographing The Miss Summer Prague beauty contest was moderated by Mr Pavel Poulicek The finalists of the MISS Summer Prague beauty contest with Ms Jana Prihodova Miss Summer Prague 2003 and Miss Blond World International 2000 with the ALCAR company's director, Mr Libor Rajdl (www.alcar.cz)

   Season 2003 - Matador Czech Truck Prix - Most - Czech Republic
Adam Lacko before the visitors of  the V.I.P. tent of Tatra Prima Team speaking with the singer Karel Cernoch The head manager of the Tatra Prima Team Stanislav Matejovsky and the Minister of business and industry Milan Urban Minister of business and industry in the background of the Tatra Prima Team The director of TV Prima Martin Dvorak came to see the races The actor Zdenek Srstka during his visit of Tatra Prima Team in Most Inspection of the racing special vehicle Tatra Milan Urban behind the steering wheel of the racing Tatra Patroness of the team Bara Stepanova regrets the damaged bumper of the Tatra vehicle after the Sunday´s qualification The team's background Background for VIP visitors Adam during broadcast performance Adam at a discussion with Ms Bara Stepanova (well-known actress) and Mr Karel Cernoch (well-known singer) in the VIP tent Mr Stanislav Matejovsky's father and sister have come to see the race, too Driver Adam Lacko personally met Mr Milan Urban, Minister of Industry and Trade, in Most The precious visitor with driver Adam Lacko The visitor has also seen the team's technical background - the telemetry workplace Adam came to encourage his colleague - racing driver Milan Maderyc Mr Stefan Rosina, Mr Adam Lacko and Mr Michal Matejovsky Mr Milan Urban, Minister of Industry and Trade, with Mr Stanislav Matejovsky at the Tatra Jamal Evo IV racing truck

   Season 2003 - MMCR - Most
Stanislav Matejovsky with his son Winner's Rostrum Strategic consultation before the race The team's guests Mr Milota Srkal The grid A gateau for the winner A discussion about the results Mr Milota Srkal with his father The racing team Racing cars at the pit-line

   Season 2003 - Rally Agropa - Horazdovice
Mr Adam during autographing Mr Stanislav Matejovsky at a discussion with Mr Frantisek Dockal of the Impuls radio station Tatra Jamal EVO IV in the square in Horazdovice

   Season 2003 - Nürburgring - Germany
TATRA PRIMA TEAM background Discussion of engineers with the technical manager, Mr Roman Seidl, and with the racing driver, Mr Adam Mr Adam's sports fan Grid Mr Miroslav Rosina (Matador), Mr Stanislav Matejovsky, Mr Adam Lacko Mr Adam with representatives of the Cesky Telecom company Ms Jana Prihodova, a model, came to encourage Mr Adam before start

   Season 2003 - Nogaro - France
Adam with a rival Gerd Körber from Buggyra team Tatra just before the start of the race Adam with his new team vehicle SKODA SUPERB Paddock

   Season 2003 - Truck Country - Piestany, Slovakia
Adam in the course of the racing cockpit instruction Racing cars before the exhibition tour Mr Stefan Rosina for the first time in the role of a racing truck driver The two young men's joy of mutual co-operation

   Season 2003 - Matador - Puchov, Slovakia
Stanislav Matejovsky during the excursion in the plant Warehouse with tyres

   Season 2003 - Koprivnice
Tatra Koprivnice premises Mr Josef Dvorak and Mr Adam Lacko at a discussion with Mr Karel Loprais

   Season 2003 - Automobile show Brno 2003 - Brno
TATRA JAMAL EVO IV in the Brno tradefair Adam in the stall of Velvana, a.s. Mr Jiri Hrazdira, Mr Adam Lacko and  Mr Jiri Pala Mr Stanislav Matejovsky, Mr Adam Lacko a Mr Martin Rada

   Season 2003 - A1-Ring - Austria
Joy from the victory Starting grate Technical acceptance Concentration preceding the race

   Season 2003 - Most
Vehicle of  Autodrome ( Racing Circuit) Most team on the strting grate Team background Zanzi bar made staying in the VIP background  more pleasant Even hostess Habi had a lot of work

   Season 2003 - Uphill races - Usti nad Orlici
Paddock in Usti nad Orlici Racing vehicle  pick-up  beside the accompanying vehicle Iveco Adam Lacko during exhibition rides in 21 in Usti ´´21´´ in Usti

   Season 2003 - Misano - Italy
Adam Lacko is relaxing prior to the race Adam with his Tatra at full speed Team´s cook  Vladimir Stork preparing lunch The cheif mechanic Josef Dvorak adjusting a wheel Mechanic Radek Dolezal during the last inspection at the starting grate Adam Lacko and Stanislav Matejovsky prior to the start of the qualifying race Adam before the start of a race of the European Racing Trucks Cup series Then last moments before the start Then last moments before the start Stanislav Matejovsky The team´s background

   Season2003 - Open doors day - Hustopece
Hustopece - open doors day Tatra Jamal EVO IV Stanislav Matejovsky a Adam Lacko Stanislav Matejovsky a Adam Lacko

   Season 2003 - Helicoptershow - Hradec Kralove
Airport in Hradec Kralove Guests of Iveco Exhibition area Iveco Representative of IVECO company Petra Novakova, Stanislav Matejovsky and team member Vladimir Stork

   Season 2003 - Estoril - Portugal
Adam Lacko´s happy smile after his first race Race circle in Estoril

   Season 2003 - Challenge weekend - Most
The changing of racing drivers, Lepka, Nykodým Racing driver Stanislav Lepka just before the start Ing.Hajek and a model Hana Handlova Representative of the Czech Post Ing.Wenisch with his wife

   Season 2003 - The Spring prize - Brno
A racing Skoda car The last adjusments made by a mechanic Prior-race concentration At the start of the main race The whole racing team arrived to support and encourage Adam Paddock Super structures from Pony company VIP background of  TATRA PRIMA TEAMU

   Season 2003 - The print conference - Prague
On the left Stanislav Matejovsky, Adam Lacko, Martin Dvorak (Televison Channel - Premiera), Milan Pelcl (Cepro a.s.), Zbynek Keisler (Tatra a.s.) Hotel Ambassador, saloon Bridge - the place wher the print conference was held. The young truck racer is looking forward to the upcomming season The General director of  Premiera TV FTV  Martin Dvorak The singer  Karel Cernoch took part in the act of christening The atmosphere in front of the Hotel Ambassadorem was very friendly Media took a really big interest in the conference A teacher and a student

   Season 2003 - Autoprofi & Matejovsky - Jaromer
Tomas Enge during the truck inspection Bara Stepanova is known to be interested in car racing Refreshment was very tasty Tomas Enge in cockpit Fashion show concluded with show of wedding clothes Tomas Enge a Adam Lacko during the inspection of a tractor John Deere Fast wheels lovers Promising truck racer Adam Lacko

   Season 2003 - Testing - Most
Ing.Martin Rada and Adam Lacko while glueing advertisements onto the racing truck Cars that met on the racing circuit on 3rd April Jana Novakova behind the steering wheel TATRA Adam Lacko Satisfied smile of famous journalist after the ride Teacher and student Agrotec guest rides Truck in action ...

   Season 2003 - Testing - Most
Cockpit of the race truck Model of Tatra Jamal Evo made by the Stekl family from Plzen Inspection of towing unit Tatra Jamal EVO IV Smile full of expectation before a ride in a race pick-up vehicle

   Season 2003 - Preparations
Stan Matejovsky and representatives of company Paragan Miloslav Gancarcik and Jiri Pala Preparations on Tatra are at the end New trailer, another part of our background technics Adjustment of our MAN van

   Season 2003 - Adam Lacko - Winter preparation
Adam Lacko Adam Lacko Adam Lacko Adam Lacko

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