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    >>>> Please, refer to www.csms.cz for the latest information !

    >> Czech Made Quality Mark for the Tatra racing circuit truck
- 3. 3. 2004 -
Stanislav Matějovský with the member of the board of the Association, Otto Emanovský
On Wednesday, Europe Champion of the year 2001 in truck circuit races, Stanislav Matějovský, took over in Prague the Czech Made Quality Mark granted by the Czech Quality Award Association to the successful racing truck Tatra Jamal Evo IV. It is for the first time in more than ten years of the history of this award, that it has been granted to a sports vehicle (up to now, this top-quality award has been granted in 351 cases).

After he had taken over the award from the member of the board of the Association, Otto Emanovský, Stanislav Matějovský said: 'I appreciate this award very much because it is an acknowledgement not only of several years of work of our whole team, but also of employees of Tatra Kopřivnice and of other partners, who participated in the development, production and preparation of the truck. We will also place the logo of this award on the truck.' Matějovský was the first to win the title with a Czech truck.

Emanovský added: 'The award has been granted for a period of two years. However, it can be defended when this period has expired. Strict criteria apply to granting this certificate, not only criteria verifying the product's quality, but also those of satisfaction of customers and users.' The awarded Tatra truck will be presented at the Autotec exhibition in Brno.

    >> We are entering the new year full of changes
- 31. 1. 2004 -
Stanislav Matějovský - Managing director and Chairman of the Board of Československý  Motorsport a.s.
The most important change is that the new association Československý motorsport, a.s., which has its premisis also in Hradec Králové will be responsible for all our sporting activities. This new association will, by the end of March, present its projects, which are being prepared and which include wide range of races ranging from races of go-karts to European Cup of Racing Trucks. Currently technical equipment is being prepared for the new racing season. The first testing races will take place in February.

The information about the new company, technical equipment under preparation, racers and schedules of races will be available during March on the webpage www.csms.cz.

I hope that all our fans will continue to support us and that we will see you in as many races as possible which are to take place in both the Czech republic and Europe.

Stanislav Matějovský
the Chairman of the Board of
Československý motorsport, a.s.

         ... PHOTOGALLERY <<  

    >> Acknowledgement at the Ministry
- 18. 12. 2003 -
Adam Lacko with Dr Petra Buzkova, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports
Student Adam Lacko (19 years of age) was received by Dr Petra Buzkova, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports. He was rewarded for the successful participation in the European Racing Truck Championship (the youngest racing truck driver ever won the fifth position in the series' final standing). Adam Lacko said, "The reception was very kind and agreeable and the acknowledgement by the Minister is a great honour for me as well as motivation for the next season."

         ... PHOTOGALLERY <<  
    >> The team's traditional pre-Christmas meeting with children
- 15. 12. 2003 -

On Monday, 15 December, the Tatra Prima Team organized an afternoon with competitions for the children from the diagnostic clinic for children in Hradec Kralove. After the opening discussion about the races of automobile models, almost 40 children competed at a racing track with a length of 22 m. According to the number of rounds completed in the set time limit, the best four were selected from all the competitors. From the four, under great cheering, the absolute winner was selected in the four-round finals. To the surprise off all the present men and boys, it was a lady, Miss Namika Prochazkova, who became the winner. In remembrance, all the children received a bag with presents. According to the joy that the children were showing, it can be estimated that they spent an interesting pre-Christmas afternoon.

         ... PHOTOGALLERY <<  
    >> From Frenstat to Dakar
- 13. 12. 2003 -
Michal Matejovsky, Milota K.Srkal, Karel Loprais and Adam Lacko
Karel Loprais's Tatra truck and the entire Tatra Team set out on the journey from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm to France, where, on 1 January 2004, the Paris - Dakar rally will be started. This year, once again, the rally will be started in d´Auvergne in France and finished in Dakar in Senegal on 18 January. We wish Karel Loprais and his team good luck and keep our fingers crossed for him.

         ... PHOTOGALLERY <<  
    >> Evening of 'Expert Drivers'
- 12. 12. 2003 -

The conclusion and evaluation of the Matador company's past racing season took place on the premises of the Matador Business Centre in Púchovo on Friday, 12 December. The all-day sporting program - driving skill competition with heavy conditions, or a football tournament for racing drivers, managers and media representatives - was brought to a close by a gala evening with a manifold cultural program.

    >> Press conference of the Tatra Team
- 11. 12. 2003 -

Adam Lacko accepted an invitation to the TATRA TEAM's press conference, held on the occasion of the Telefonica Dakar 2004 rally in the seat of the Czech automobile association Autoklub CR. Karel Loprais with his crew introduced the new TATRA T 815-2 racing truck prepared for the 11,052 km route of the Dakar Rally. The route has been divided into 17 stages.
    >> Essen MOTORSHOW
- 30. 11. 2003 -
Michal Matejovsky, Adam Lacko and Wolfgang Sandtler
At the Motorshow motor trade fair in Essen, Germany, an autographing event of Adam Lacko and Michal Matejovsky took place at the stand of the MATADOR company, which has been operating on the German market for several years. Both racing drivers also met Mr Wolfgang Sandtler at the stand of Mr Wolfgang Sandtler's company exhibition stand in order to thank for the company's support in the past season and, at the same time, to choose the necessary equipment for the next year.

         ... PHOTOGALLERY <<  
    >> Meeting with VCE
- 5. 11. 2003 -

The second meeting of the Tatra Prima Team with representatives and guests of the Vychodoceska energetika, a.s. company took place at the airport in Hradec Kralove on 5 November.

Under a beautiful weather the guests took a drive in the Tatra Jamal Evo IV racing truck and in the pick-up and Octavia racing cars. The congenial atmosphere of the meeting contributed to the establishment of new personal and trade relations.
         ... PHOTOGALLERY <<  
    >> Meeting of champions
- 1. 11. 2003 -

Racing truck driver Adam Lacko took part in the traditional Meeting of Champions that was held in the well known hire of karts, 'Kart Centrum' in Prague - Radotín. Many great duels could be seen during the two-hour contest of 24 Czech racing drivers. The contestants fought for the championship to the last rounds. The winners made 103 rounds, which represents 82.4 kilometres. So Adam recalled the recent times when he took part in kart races, winning several titles of the International Champion of the Czech Republic.
    >> Team Days
- 30. - 31. 10. 2003 -

One of the last Tatra Prima Team's meetings with its commercial partners and fans took place at the Most racing circuit on 30 and 31 October.

The guests could enjoy a drive in the racing truck or in Octavia and pick-up racing cars. An attraction was Hajdůšek brothers' exceptional fine-tuned Tatra 613 Ecorra car. On Thursday in the evening, at the Hněvín castle there was held a dinner function attended by the guests from Germany, engineers from the M.A.N. company's racing truck department and representatives of the V8STAR circuit series. Their visit was a real treat - the team of German racing driver Altfried Heger takes part in the V8STAR contest, which is a kind of subsection of the prestigious DTM. Heger was testing his racing truck - on a uniform chassis there is mounted any body. He consulted the Most racetrack and his observations with Adam Lacko, who is at home there. Adam Lacko also seized an opportunity to test the V8STAR car, and he was very content with the drive. He said, 'It was a pleasant change.' Within the framework of the Team Day, "Mr Dakar", Karel Loprais also appeared in Most, together with his desert truck; he exchanged his Tatra truck for that of Adam for several laps. This situation then gave rise to many discussions about differences between the two trucks - one of the trucks is a top-class racing circuit truck, the other, for a change, a top-class competition truck.
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    >> To the finish rear first !!!
- 25. 10. 2003 -

At first, Adam Lacko was doing well in Le Mans in France, however, then the transmission failed - this way, in on sentence, everything that happened during the last weekend could be summed up.

The Saturday morning free trainings did not take place due to the bad weather. So, instead of three planned free trainings only one was completed, which was followed by the measured training. In this training, Adam came third, in spite of the fact that he had been in the lead with the best time for a long time.

Sunday's qualifying race had a strange finish. Adam was trying to overtake Luostarinen from Finland in the last curve. However, Luostarinen run into Adam, and both trucks started rotating. Adam crossed the finish line at the sixth position, rear first, which was applauded by the spectators because driving through the finish like that had not been recorded in the history of the European Super Race Truck Championship. In the main race, Adam was attacking the third position, but his transmission failed and changed the gear to the first speed spontaneously. The wheels locked and Adam ended off the racetrack. This happened twice. So he lost touch with the elite.

The youngest trucker of the history, today nineteen-year-old Adam Lacko, finished his first season in the European Race Truck Championship at the fifth position. The title of the European Champion in the Super Race Truck category was defended by Gerd Körber from Germany.

From Le Mans, the team will move to the Most Racing Circuit, where it will end the season by an event known as the "Team Days" (30 - 31 October).
         ... PHOTOGALLERY <<  
IBM, Most
AUTOSHOW Praha 2003
Day with Czech Telecom for the second time
A day with Czech Telecom
Adam Lacko the hero of the weekend
The fifth motor show in Usti nad Orlici
Invitation to Epilogue
Adam Lacko twice finishing as first
Racing truck Tatra enriched Czech Truck Fest 2003
Adam finished at the second position since bad luck robbed him of the gold medal
Tatra JAMAL EVO IV among children in the teaching hospital in Hradec Kralove
Tatra at PRAGUE PRIX 2003
Adam Lacko attacked the front positions in Most
International Racing Car Circuit Championship of the Czech Republic
Agropa Rally
Testing in Most
Adam Lacko two times fifth
Adam Lacko earned a deserved applause in Nogaro
Truck Country, Piestany
Automobile show Brno 2003
Perfect Adam Lacko on the winners steps
"21" in Usti
Lacko was not a disappointment in hot weather
Fifty meters from a medal position !
Challenge weekend in Most
The Brno Spring Prize
"Prague Motoring spring" exhibition
The print conference
Motor Prag Racing
Autoprofi & Matejovsky
Tatra prima team in Most again
The first kilometers covered by the new race vehicle
New born baby
The preparation for the season is about to end
Champions of steering wheel - Dalibor Janek
Entering the new season with the youngest racer
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