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    >> Sosnova Kart Winter Cup
- 27. 12. 2003 -
Michal Matejovsky and Juraj Sedivy before the start of the Cup Race
On Saturday, 27 December 2003, more than twenty teams participated in the third year of the Kart Winter Cup held at the Sosnová Racing Circuit.

The "Prima Team", consisting of Michal Matejovsky, Juraj Sedivy and Miroslav Forman, was getting ready for the Cup Race as early as on 22 December, when training drives in the Radotin Kart Centre were accomplished. So, during the morning training drives before the actual race at the Sosnova Racing Circuit, while acquainting themselves with the Honda GX engine powered racing kart lent by the Racing Circuit, the "Prima Team" drivers were getting to know in particular the icy racetrack.

After a very good start, the team's first driver, Michal Matejovsky, reached the fine fifth position. However, the steering connecting rod of Michal's kart broke in the fourth lap; the repair took twenty minutes. Then Michal joined the field again, but another breakdown came up almost immediately - this time a carburettor failure. Unfortunately, engineers of the Sosnova Racing Circuit did not succeed in repairing this breakdown, and, consequently, the "Prima Team" was forced to retire from the races. So the other racing drivers of the team, Mirek Forman and Juraj Sedivy, did not have an opportunity to experience battles in the field.

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    >> From Frenstat to Dakar
- 13. 12. 2003 -
Michal Matejovsky, Milota K.Srkal, Karel Loprais and Adam Lacko
Karel Loprais's Tatra truck and the entire Tatra Team set out on the journey from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm to France, where, on 1 January 2004, the Paris - Dakar rally will be started. This year, once again, the rally will be started in d´Auvergne in France and finished in Dakar in Senegal on 18 January. We wish Karel Loprais and his team good luck and keep our fingers crossed for him.

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    >> Evening of 'Expert Drivers'
- 12. 12. 2003 -

The conclusion and evaluation of the Matador company's past racing season took place on the premises of the Matador Business Centre in Púchovo on Friday, 12 December. The all-day sporting program - driving skill competition with heavy conditions, or a football tournament for racing drivers, managers and media representatives - was brought to a close by a gala evening with a manifold cultural program.

    >> Mlada Boleslav
- 28. 11. 2003 -

The seventh year of the best Czech cup was definitely brought to a close in the respectable space of the Forum conference hall of the Skoda - Auto Museum in Mlada Boleslav. It is the act of ceremonial announcement of the winners of the Ceska pojistovna - Skoda Octavia Cup that is traditionally the definite end of the past season and, at the same time, a start to the new year.

The racing drivers warmly welcomed the opportunity to watch the edited shots of the most dramatic as well as funniest situations that occurred in the course of this year's cup. Each of the collisions was accompanied by loud exclamations and, sometimes, also by laugh. The special, absorbing atmosphere of the edited shots was also provided by the fact that the drivers themselves were the cameramen in many cases. The Octavia Cup is, that is to say, unique, apart from other reasons, also owing to the fact that the racing cars are fitted with cameras which film the course of races. The camera records not only serve as a probative evidence for solving any controversial situation, but also as a welcome livening up of the edited TV shots, which were regularly broadcast by the Galaxie Sport television station this year.

In the competing racing drivers' cup, the second position was won by the Bohemia Racing Team, whose successful racing driver in the last year was also Michal Matejovsky (together with Milan Maderyc and Jiri Jupa).


    >> Meeting of Champions
- 1. 11. 2003 -

On the first November weekend Michal Matejovsky took part in the traditional Meeting of Champions that was held in the well known hire of karts, 'Kart Centrum' in Prague - Radotín. Many great duels could be seen during the two-hour contest of 24 Czech racing drivers. The contestants fought for the championship to the last rounds. In the end, Michal, as a member of a three-member crew, succeeded in winning the fine second position.
    >> Most
- 30. - 31. 10. 2003 -

Michal Matejovsky celebrated his eighteenth birthday in the environment he is most familiar with - among racing cars at the Most racing circuit. He spent there two days together with his father's TATRA PRIMA TEAM. Apart from driving the guests around the racetrack in the Octavia racing car he also tested the Tatra Jamal Evo IV truck.


- 10.-11. 10. 2003 -

Michal Matejovsky started in a six-hour race at Masaryk Racetrack in Brno with Octavia together with Miroslav Forman (Prima Team). The drivers were unlucky. They didn't complete the race due to the broken transmission.

The last circuit race of the season brought not only first rate races but also an outstanding accompanying programme: veteran car races, tractor show, golf tournament, trial show of Miroslav Lisý, the eleven times champion of the Czech Republic, Maxim Turbulenc Band's performance, karts, roundabouts, twister, stratosphere spectacle...


    >> Invitation to Epilogue, 26 September 2003
- 26. 9. 2003 -

Autographing of racing drivers Mr Adam Lacko and Mr Michal Matejovsky was held in the FUTURUM shopping centre in Brno as an invitation to AGROTEC PRIMA EPILOG, a six-hour race that will take place at the Masaryk Racetrack in Brno on 11 October 2003.
    >> The autumn prize of Brno
- 21. 9. 2003 -

Last week on the Masaryk circuit near Brno, where the Octavia Cup started in the spring, it was decided who is going to be the total winner of the serial. Taking into account the fact that racers were about the same in terms of racing abilities while bearing in mind all the surprises that were far from scarce this year - during those 7 years the performances have never been so equal and the cup so thrilling - a really important final was to be seen. The final positions very influenced ("randomized") by Adam Lacko who won both a short and a long race. Michal Matějovský became his own self again in the Saturday's measured training and after Friday when he did not live up to his own expectations he was satisfied again.

Accompanied by the beautiful sunny weather the Sunday sprint started at 11.10 am. Michal started at the 8th position which he earned on Saturday. His performance was good and he was also lucky that he was not involved in any collisions that took place in the race. The 7th position was a promising step toward a success in the afternoon race. The afternoon race started at 15 :40 and Michal achieved the overall 5th position.


    >> Michal Matejovsky met Kimi Raikkonen in Brno
- 8. 9. 2003 -
Mr Michal Matejovsky and Mr Kimi Raikkonen at the Masaryk Racetrack in Brno
The two-day West Race Day car race, held at the first September weekend at the Masaryk Racetrack in Brno, attracted many racing drivers and fans of this sport both to the speedway and into the auditorium. The highlight of this sporting event was the fast car championship race of non-professional finalists from seven countries.

Michal Matejovsky took part in this event in the role of a spectator. That is why he had time enough to meet his motor sport colleagues and talk to them. He also met the most prominent guests of the event, this year's Malaysia Grand Prix winner, Kimi Raikkonen, and another Formula-One racing driver, David Coulthard.


    >> The truck contest with a happy ending for Michal
- 31. 8. 2003 -
Winner's Rostrum
The last but one race of the series took place at the Most racetrack. The results of Saturday's qualifying races were influenced by a strong headwind, which slowed down trucks in the home straight. That is why the drivers started to co-operate soon, providing one another protection against the unpleasant wind up to the slowing-down turn or even behind it. By coming in fifth, Michal Matejovsky earned a very agreeable success and encouragement for Sunday's races.

Spectators of Sunday's race saw great duels on the racetrack, as well as a high breakdown rate of trucks during the afternoon's race. By winning sixth place in the short race, Michal gained a very favourable starting position for the main twenty-lap race, which passed particularly under the baton of young drivers: Dostal and Rosina competed for the first place, Michal came third. His team colleagues, Jupa and Maderyc, have not stayed the race, both of them due to the gearbox breakdown. After the race, Michal literally glowed with pleasure: "I was keen on competing properly. In previous races I was hot-headed and I made mistakes. However, luck just might be on our side from now on."

The final of this year's championship awaits the drivers in three weeks, at the autumn Brno Grand Prix.


    >> Michal won a medal in junior category !
- 10. 7. 2003 -
Chorvatský okruh Grobnik
Serial of races CP-SOC´03 continued in the circuit Grobnik in Rijeka in Croatia.

The Croatian event started with a change right at its beginning as one free training was added. The reason was that every round driven in an unknown circuit will contribute to an increased confidence in drivers as well as their higher safety. The three free rounds were mainly intended for the racers to get knowledge of the circuit and it was interesting to watch individual pilots getting better. In Saturday measured training races interesting fights took place. It was expected that the first morning race, which took place under favorable climatic conditions, would be the most informative one. As a rule the afternoon hot weather tends to slow the vehicles and no significant changes take place among the leading racers. This theory was not confirmed however. The technical commissary of FAS Ivan Matousek who is responsible for the technical side of the Cup explained this as follows : "If drivers try to come to know the circuit better the differences in engine power and tire adhesion at different temperatures does not play an important role. This starts to be apparent in the circuit well known to everyone."

Michal Matejovsky finished the measured training race at 6th position. His experience with go-karts played to his advantage as he confirmed. "I like this track , it reminds me of a go kart track, tilting turnings suit me well, the track is little bit uneven but it adds to more interesting rides.."

His words were confirmed on Sunday. In the main race he was the fastest of all the racers of the starting field and he finished at 5th position ( 3rd position in the junior category) Pilots are going to have a few days free before the following race that is to take place in the last week in August in the framework of MATADOR - FIA Czech Truck Prix to be held in Autodrome Most.

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    >> Most
- 6. - 8. 6. 2003 -
Michal and his colleague from the team Jiri Jupa
A continuation of CP Skoda Octavia Cup´03 series was held in the framework of the racing weekend called TRANSGAS OPEN - international car races in circuits, in Most circuit.

Michal Matejovsky has been practicing hard since the last race in Brno. He practiced not only how to start, which was far from perfect in Brno. Improvement and mainly higher speed were obvious from the times he achieved in the time-measured-training. In the first Sunday race Michal had an excellent start and he gradually got on to the 7th position in the racing field containing 18 vehicles. Due to oil on the track the race was neutralized approximately in the middle as the safety car got on to the track. Michal was at that time in the part of the track that did not provide a view of what was going on and he overtook one of his rivals, which is forbidden by the rules when the safety car is on the track. He was penalized for this which in turn led to his ending the race at the 12th position. With great expectations did the young racer took part in the afternoon race. He expectations were ended abruptly when he after collision with a rival had to give up the race.

The races took place during very hot weather, which can be considered a good practice for all the racers preparing for the upcoming race of the series which is to be held in the seaside resort of Rijeka , Croatia, at the beginning of May.
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    >> Testing in Most
- 30. 5. 2003 -

On May 30 in autodrom in Most testing races took place as a preparation for the next race of the series.. The latter will take place from 6 to 8 June in Most. The results of tests are satisfactory and Michal is together with his colleagues looking forward to the upcomming weekend.
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    >> The Brno Spring Prize
- 25. - 27. 4. 2003 -
Prior race concentration
The first double race of the Ceska pojistovna Skoda Octavia Cup 2003 series took place from 25th to 27th April 2003 in the Brno circuit. For Michal Matejovsky this was the first race in the new racing Octavia.

In spite of this, he managed to drive in times so short during his training that his performance compares with the performance of more experienced racers. Hence Michal could have started the Sunday sprint of 8 rounds quite satisfied and happy. Yet at the very start of the race he was overcome by a feeling of tension so common in young, not much experienced racers and, as a result, he got a late start.. Due to this delay he did not manage to catch up with the racers who drove in the front.

Yet his 13th position in the race in which 19 racers took part can be considered a success. In the main race on Sunday Michal had a bad luck, though he gradually achieved the seventh position a collision he had with another truck put an end to this race for him.
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    >>  Testing of team BRT
- 14. 4. 2003 -
Very skilled racer Milan Maderyc imparts experience to Michal
Testing of Bohemia racing team took place in Brno on Monday 14. April 2003. Milan Maderyc and Jiri Lupa participated in the testing. Michal Matejovsky and his colleagues exploited one of the last opportunities and underwent testing before the first races of the season - Spring Prize, which will be held in Brno from April 25th to 27th 2003.
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    >>  Preparations intensively continue
- 3. 4. 2003 -
new circuit octavia
Another testing on circuit in Brno taking place on 1st April and on circuit in Most on 3rd April brought Michal Matejovsky to continue the demanding preparations for the season. Michal is improving day by day and we may say he is much more sure of himself in the car, which is completely different to last year pick - up.
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    >>  Withn new vehicle on the new circuit
- 22. 3. 2003 -
Jiří Jupa at the steering wheel, Michal Matějovský in the seat for the co-driver
Michal Matejovsky has finished the first testing kilometers on the rebuilt circuit of autodrome in Together with his teammate Jiri Jupa he sat behind the steering wheel of racing Octavia. In the first testing races Michal learns from his more experienced colleague and tries to geet used to his new racing car.
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    >>  Michal Matejovsky has moved up
- 24. 2. 2003 -
Michal Matejovsky and his team colleague Jiri Jupa Seventeen years old Michal Matejovsky definitely follows in the footsteps of his father, the European Truck Racing Champion 2001. After his success at the go-cart wheel he took part in the pick-up competitions for a period of two years. In the face of great competition in this cup he was ranked eighth last year, which was an excellent position. His entering the Skoda car race series was literally amazing. He actually became the best newcomer.

This year, another important step is coming in the career of this young man from Eastern Bohemia. For the first time he will be driving the Skoda Octavia car in the most prestigious domestic circuit racing series - Ceska pojistovna Skoda Octavia Cup. So this year may become a crucial moment for Michal. In one of the best domestic teams, the BRT, he will join the experienced contestants Mr Milan Maderyc and Mr Jiri Jupa. This squad is accustomed to contending for the team competition title. Two of the squad's racers have already become the overall series winners. Anyway, a truly challenging season is waiting for Michal. Although he is going to be one of the youngest series contestants, if not the youngest one altogether, he will be driving under a great constraint. However, he is already in so far experienced that he should control it.

Fully aware of what is waiting for him, he has been preparing himself very carefully for the whole winter, spending a lot of time in the gym and fitness centre. The top of the winter preparation will be a training camp in Spindleruv Mlyn. Michal's father, Stanislav, does not shield him. To the contrary. He is a very strict father. He has always been hard on himself, and he has reached the European top. He wishes his son the same achievements and he knows that the way to success is connected with hard work. "The preparation is demanding, however, I know why I undergo it. I am looking forward to the moment when its physically demanding part is over. In the first place, I am thinking of the end of March and the testing in Most. I am looking forward to the moment when I am at the wheel of a racing car again," said Michal.

Simultaneously, young Mr Matejovsky is a testing driver of the Tatra Truck Racing Team. However, the season's opening will be connected with the Octavia car. The new Tatra car testing in March will be carried out by Mr Adam Lacko. If necessary, Mr Stanislav Matejovsky will also help in the position of a testing driver, although he has been suppressing this thought strenuously in his new position of a manager.
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    >>  Car show
- 1. 2. 2003 -
Three-member team: Josef Kral, Michal Matejovsky, Petr Rychlovsky
Many fans of motor sport found their way into the rent-a-kart enterprise in congress centre Aldis in Hradec Králové for START 2003.

There happened to take place one of this year first meetings of races who showed their skill in local hall. After 1 and half hour of racing in one direction we change driving vice versa for the fun of all.

Michal Matejovsky drove together with autocar racer Josef Kral and auto-cross racer Petr Rychnovsky. This crew of 3 people finished the race at the nice second position.

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